Personal Service

The biggest advantage a freelance developer has over a major design firm besides price, is personal, one on one service. This is crucial to get exactly what you want. Your business or endeavor should be an extension of you. Conveying your message can often be lost in communication with larger firms who have multiple designers and/or developers. With Odawg Design you deal solely with me so we can correctly convey your ideas and goals in one shot.

Affordable Prices

Prices tend to get out of control when building your web site. You may try the monthly, build a site services but quickly learn they are static and non responsive. (mobile unfriendly). Hiring a design firm can be pricey ($70-250 hourly rate, $2500-10,000 per site) and often you sacrifice customer service and support. I offer dynamic, responsive web sites with support starting at $299.00 with a $15.00 per hourly rate.

Dynamic & Responsive

With today's ever changing portable devices your site has to be built for flexibilty. No more days of the fixed, static sites that were meant to be seen on a specific screen resolution on a CRT monitor. Now sites have to adjust and function perfectly when viewed on portable devices while maintaining their structure on large screens with higher resolutions. This is now a standard and all my packages include mobile versatility free of charge.

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